A Choice Between SEO vs. PPC – Fast Results? Or Best ROI?

Many Hong Kong business owners would first go for PPC (pay per click) advertising when they are to acquire new customers through online channels. PPC in Hong Kong is usually mainly Google Ads, but it may also include BingAds which gets your keyword ads to appear on Yahoo Hong Kong. But the HK business owners do know that if they are to get sustainable long term ROI and results, they must invest early in search engine optimization (SEO) of their company websites. To get started, they would seek assistance from SEO consultants or a SEO company in Hong Kong.

  • SEO is known in the industry as free traffic.
  • When a new comer has to learn SEO, it has a deeper learning curve which usually takes longer.
  • SEO can return good to great ROI when it is implemented correctly.
  • SEO can definitely produce long term results.
  • SEO should give you more control over your company website’s content, but at the same time you must find a sustainable way to continuously create the necessary content.
  • SEO can be good for branding, when you know exactly how to utilize it for growing your company’s and/or product’s brand.

The very least you can do for a start is to launch a blog on your company website. The second step that follows is to create a content marketing strategy to supplement the blog. Make sure the content creation plan is practical and can be implemented with reasonable timeline while mostly you will have to outsource the copywriting or content creation to freelancers and/or third-party agencies. The content that has been created should be re-shared on social media sites. A good example in Hong Kong is to share the content on Facebook where it has a large HK population is using it.

Some HK business owners would have opted for first using PPC (including mainly Google Ads) to begin acquiring new customers from Google. The sad truth is that they would have missed the opportunities to build a solid base for SEO. SEO isn’t all about technical SEO and on-site SEO. It is also mainly about being able to make a good content strategy plan, and have the plan executed by continuously creating the required content. SEO is certainly more complicated to plan and execute, and there are a lot more work that must be applied to the data reporting and insight discovery. The only real downside is that SEO can take up time – The initial results will only be seen after at least 3-6 months, sometimes up to 12 months.

Assume the business is starting with PPC alone. An example is that a company may have to spend some $100,000 on Google Ads to acquire a certain number of new customers and get a certain number of sales revenue. To achieve the same amount of new customers and sales revenue through SEO, the company could have only spent $10,000 the most. When both are done right, SEO could have been 10 times less expensive. When this goes into the calculation of ROI (i.e. return on investment), you would immediately see the reason why the long-term strategic business planner must insist the implementation of the SEO project.

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