5 Benefits of Smart Lighting Systems

Lighting in homes ought to be more than just conventional lighting. The lighting system has evolved ever since the invention of electricity. That has seen the lighting systems evolve over time, and now there is the smart lighting system. It is an expensive venture but the benefits that result from smart lighting solutions eventually offset the initial cost of investing in it. The benefits that you stand to gain from the smart lighting systems are as follows.

1.           Reduced Energy Consumption

Given that smart lights utilize CFL otherwise LED, unlike the common lights that use incandescent bulbs, the quantity of electricity required for lighting a room diminishes. It is estimated that smart bulbs utilize up to 90% less of electricity in comparison to conventional bulbs.

Also, it is possible to control the intensity of the lighting. You can choose to dim it or increase the lighting intensity. That you get to regulate the energy levels you consume for lighting and reduce energy consumption in the process.

2.           Money-Saving

It is possible for you to save lots of money when using smart lighting systems. Many tend to be in a hurry to get to work in the early mornings, while some are just forgetful and forget to switch off the bathroom or bedroom lights when they leave the house. When such things happen, so much electricity gets wasted. However, smart lighting solutions are here to eliminate such worries. The smart lighting systems can be controlled remotely.

There is a smart lighting home application that smart lights users can download into their phones and use to control the smart lights remotely. Hence, if you have forgotten to switch off the lights of particular rooms, then you just easily go to the application and tap the screen to switch it off.

In the process, electricity usage reduces implying reduced energy requirement, and money-saving. Given that you will be paying less to the electricity provider, then a good sum of money is saved.

3.           Extended Life-Span

Smart light bulbs are thought to have a very long lifespan when compared to conventional bulbs. The smart light bulbs can last for a period of up to 15 years before they require changing. However, the traditional bulbs can only last for a period of 1 year and have to be changed for new ones. Therefore, with the long lifespan of the smart lighting bulbs, you save so much money. You only get to replace the lighting bulb after an extended period.

Despite the fact that the smart lighting systems are expensive to install, they are all worth it in the end, as the cost-saving plus efficiency arising from their usage is immense.

4.           Enhanced Security

The smart lighting systems are beneficial as they increase security in your home when you are not present. Thieves like to break into peoples’ homes at night when they think that there is no one at home. This issue of theft or burglary can be resolved through the use of smart lighting solutions.

You can program the smart lighting systems to light up at nightfall and light out at dawn. Given the advantage of controlling the lights remotely, you can perform the job of switching the security lights on and off. In the process, you scare away the thieves as they end up thinking there is someone at home.

Also, smart lighting systems have motion sensors. The motion sensors are able to detect movements in the room and can either go on or off depending on whether there is an intruder in the room or house at large.

5.           Simple-to-Utilize Light Customization

The smart light bulbs are easy to customize, given their ability to change color. The smart lighting systems utilize LEDs, which can be altered to whatever color you want through the application on your phone or tablet.

This aspect is beneficial, most especially when you are hosting a themed party, a romantic evening, or just want to have a fun and relaxed moment. The smart light bulbs will help you alter the feel of the room through possible color changes.


Smart lighting solutions make life easy and efficient. They are very beneficial in that they save on electricity usage, save money, enhance security, have a lengthy life-span, and are easy to customize. Investing in them is a great move.