Data science course in Bangalore and what it is

Data science has come out as a field that makes use of scientific methods, algorithms, processes and system in order to gain insight and knowledge from unstructured and structured data. It is considered by many to be the same as data mining. As a concept, it intends to unify statistics, machine learning, data analysis and other similar methods to correlate data into real life phenomena. A person well versed in these methods and is used to bringing out such insights is called a data scientist. They employ theories from multiple fields and techniques like statistics, mathematics, computer science and information science. Jim gray, the Turing award winner, said that data science was the fourth paradigm in science and that the field of science was changing because of the takeover by information technology and the importance data has been given.

Data science as a job

Data science training in Bangalore was called the sexiest job in the 21st century by the Harvard business review. They were the first ones to call it as data science which caused it to become a phenomena of sorts. It can often be used as business intelligence, business analytics statistics and predictive modelling. Many universities offer programs for data science as a degree. However, there has not been a systematic and decided set of curriculum to learn. Due to poor management and big data projects failing, these have not given out great results.

Not until appearing over multiple contexts in the past years has data science become a rather established term to use. It was at first introduced as datalogy by Peter Naur in the year 1960. He later published the concise survey of computer methods wherein the term data science was very clearly and freely used while surveying contemporary data processing manners used in a lot of different applications.

Link into statistics

Among business executives, data science has become a very used term. Many journalist and academics claim that there isn’t a great distinction between the fields of statistics and data science. Some others consider it as a term that is a substitute of big data and data mining. There have been arguments that data science is just a buzzword and is just a replacement of business analytics.

There have been critiques to these comments. Some have compared data science enthusiasm along with the rise of computer science. They argue that akin to any other field that has a lot on fingers in different fields, it employs people from everywhere within the academia to the industry which will morph data science into a different discipline altogether.

The future of data science

Donoho, a statistician, projects an environment in the future that is ever growing for open science, wherein data sets that are utilized are available to all researchers. Multiple journals have followed suit in a similar manner. Data science is believed to exceed the boundaries of statistics in methods and magnitude. So if you have been an aspirant of data science, maybe it is time you get your own data science course in Bangalore.

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