Internet Marketing Or SEO? Can We Draw The Line Clear Anymore? Integrating the Two May Well Obtain Much Better Marketing Results

Most companies who have business in Hong Kong have plenty items to handle in their agenda every business day. Usually at least 90% isn’t even capable to cope with or handle search engine optimization (SEO) tasks or projects. SEO is certainly tempting to the growth of a business: It is less expensive than any form of online advertising (where you pay for each visitor to your site, basically).

Usually in the western countries, the big corporate would mostly build a solid team of internet marketers that consists of multiple experts, specialists, and consultants in the field of SEO, paid search, programmatic advertising, online advertising, retargeting ads, social media marketing, community promotion specialist, email marketers, etc. But with a local business in Hong Kong, in most cases it is not practical, and owners do have to think about the bottom line in terms of revenue.

An experienced SEO expert or agency is a preferred option for many local businesses in Hong Kong. The SEO professional is expected to start with researching everything that your major competitor has been doing in terms of SEO at the very least. Depending on her ability, the SEO person may be able to do more including outside the scope of SEO research. For example, your competitor may be doing really well with partnering a few local Hong Kong influencers in your industry/niche. Another example is that your competitor may have been retaining their loyal customers very well with an advanced CRM tool and very well planed retention methods.

Once the competitor is fully analyzed, it is time to create a thorough full SEO plan. The tasks and/or sub-projects in the plan should always come with timeline, and the responsible parties (or persons). The results of SEO do take time. The implementation may start with creating fresh content, writing meta tags and page titles, identifying and removing duplicate content that was added in the past years. Most of which should be implemented by persons with web development skills (who are capable of coding in HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, etc).

Creating content may be the part that takes the most time for SEO. The process may be broken into two main parts: In-house and freelance. The basic product-type of content can be created/written by the in-house marketer or product manager. The content that needs to be in bulk volume may be outsourced to reliable freelancers who are good writers. Guidelines of writing and requirements should be passed to the writers, which will help them to produced the desired copy. Videos are another great way to engage people and you can gain good Youtube subscribers through famoid.

Most content that is created in the past years and in recent months/weeks should go into a plan to be re-purposed. For example, the SEO content would mostly be in article type or product description type. They may be re-purposed into video format (for Youtube, Vimeo, etc), audio file format (for Podcast), and images (for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc). The social media marketer will take all these new formats of content and have them posted on social media sites/platforms. Also click on christensen recycling.