The power of networks in the Right Ways

Networking can be the foundation of a successful career. The power of networks is not underestimated by anyone, but why is networking so important?


One of the greatest advantages of a good network is the opportunities and possibilities it offers. The best opportunities are always shared within people’s own network, often before they even come out. You can think of assignments, projects, mergers, personnel, new customers or goods.

This also occurs in the job market. People within a company are often already aware of a position that becomes available before the vacancy appears. The first thing people do is inform their network!

What would you do if you knew that a position would become available and a friend with relevant work experience was looking for a job? From market research also shows that 21% of the Dutch who found jobs in 2020 changed jobs through their own network. The bigger the network is, the more opportunities are. You can opt for the ValueNetworkandCollaboration as that offers the best results.

Helping others

Networking is often associated with making the most of the benefits it can offer you. And in the business world this will unfortunately usually be the case. Yet there is a very important aspect of networking that people often overlook. That aspect is that you can help other people in your network. Helping someone with his or her career goals is really rewarding. Consider, for example, helping someone get the first job or putting in a good word to help someone get the promotion. This probably makes you feel very good. In addition, this person will certainly be ready to help you in the future.


It is important for your development, your professionalism and effectiveness that you stay informed of what is going on in your field and the industry in which you work. In addition, offering useful ideas to your network is an excellent way to build your reputation as an innovative thinker.


An important advantage of a network is the possibility to obtain free advice. Discussing common challenges and opportunities opens the door to valuable suggestions and guidance. Imagine having to pay every time you ask for advice from your friends, like a consultant. In the business world, advice is often necessary for survival.

Make sure that your network is willing to give you the necessary advice. Providing real help to your contacts is also a strong foundation for receiving support when you need it. When you put time and effort into advising your connections, you can expect the same from them. Just make sure that the give and take are in balance. There are always people who try to take advantage of certain situations. On the other hand, people will not be willing to help you if you never give back.