The Secret of Fingerprint Recognition

The fingerprints on each of our fingers are unique so far. There has no overlapping fingerprint. Your fingerprints can verify your identity.

We must input our fingerprints on fingerprint equipment for the first time. Such as mobile phones and clock-in machines. They must scan and identify our fingerprints. At present, there are three kinds of fingerprint recognition technologies. Clock-in machines and some mobile phones with screen fingerprint unlocking. They use optical fingerprint recognition technology.

The core of optical fingerprint recognition technology is the light. Light can scan our uneven fingerprint information. Then the information will reflect light to the receiver. Then it obtains the lines of our fingerprint. The OLED screen is the foundation of fingerprint recognition of mobile phone. The fingerprint recognition module is under the screen. Fingerprints can go through the light irradiation of the pixel points on the OLED screen. Then recognition module will receive the information. So it can identify our fingerprint information. But this fingerprint recognition method is not accurate. And the fingerprint recognition module takes up a large space. It is difficult to get better on the mobile phone.

The second is capacitive fingerprint recognition. We use it every day. It has a capacitor plate. Fingerprints of our fingers has lines. The fluctuation height of each part of the fingerprint is different. The distance from fingerprint to the plate will be different. Capacitance of each capacitor plate is different. To identify the lines of the fingerprint. HUAWEI HONOR 10 Lite adopts the capacitive fingerprint recognition. There is no delay in unlocking speed.

The third is ultrasonic fingerprint recognition used by some mobile phones. It is similar to dolphins, bats and sonar of ships. They emit ultrasonic waves, calculates our bounced fingerprint information.

The above fingerprint recognition system can identify fingerprints. Machine will collect again with unmatched fingerprint. We encounter that we need to press the fingerprint recognition again. Then the fingerprint recognition system will check our information. The keys are the traits of the beginning and bifurcation of our fingerprints.

We will repeat the above steps in fingerprint unlocking. Each mobile phone has a fingerprint recognition module. The module will collect and read the user’s fingerprint. Then module converts it into data. Module stores it in a specific area of the mobile phone. We needn’t input fingerprint recognition every time. Our privacy can be safer.