Ask these questions before hiring a security agency

No matter what kind of commercial premise you own, security is an aspect that cannot be taken for granted. For customers to feel safe and to prevent attempts of theft and vandalism, on-premise security is critical. In Montreal, you can find a large number of agencies, such as XGuard security, which work with commercial clients to offer diverse services, in various capacities. As in any industry, not all companies are same, and it is critical for clients to do some initial homework. In this post, we are sharing the questions you must ask before hiring a security agency.

  1. What do you offer?

This one is a no-brainer. Find out what the security agency specializes. Many companies also offer additional services, beyond deploying guards at your building. They can have security personnel to manage crowd, offer traffic control services, and so on. Hire a company that has experience in your niche. For instance, retail security is often more complicated and different than managing warehouses. Similarly, for construction sites, signage and traffic control equipment may be required on rental. Many agencies also specialize in vandalism control, police support, and fire prevention too.

  1. How do you charge clients?

While pricing isn’t the only factor that matters, it is important to get an estimate in advance. Keep in mind that the security agency should be able to customize solutions for your requirements. So, the pricing is tailored, but should be affordable. Do not select a company because they are offering the lowest price – Paying a tad more for the right agency is always a better idea.

  1. How do you hire your people?

It goes without saying that a security agency must be insured and licensed. They must have necessary experience, must have been in business for long, but what also matters is how they hire people for their company. They should have an in-house team, but more importantly, they must have a proper means to do background screening and hire people by focusing on work profile.

In conclusion

Finally, check if they are willing to take work on a project-wise basis. In other others, there is no need to go for a long-term contract right away. Some security agencies have great reviews and industry credential, and it is much easier to rely on them. Make a decision based on what your requirements, and tweaking your budget for peace of mind and better security is always worth it.