Do you know about this latest phone in the market?

In this article, we are going to talk about a smartphone. The value of a smartphone has increased over the years. Today it is an inevitable part of human life. Globally it holds a lot of significance. If you are looking for a versatile phone? You need to check out Vivo y12. However, this is the latest device in vivo. Vivo is known for its smartphone. Over the years, it has gained a lot of prominences. This model is very new in the market. Y12 has the most amazing features. The interior and the exterior body of this is really amazing. The y12 is available in two shades. One is aqua blue, and the other one is burgundy red. These two colors add a lot of value to the phone. Colors play a very important role.

This model purely works on Android. The screen of this phone is 6.35-inch. The accurate size of the screen is essential. As the phone entirely functions on it. This is a very well designed phone. It gives a very classy and aesthetic look. The Vivo is a dual sim card smartphone. It gives the liberty to operate tow sim cards simultaneously. You can even insert a memory card if required. The battery is unremovable. The Y12 Vivo is very user-friendly. Also, it brings a lot of things on the platter. Comparatively to the other phones, it is very reasonable. In our opinion, it is very pocket friendly. This piece of technology just costs 12,490 RS, which is very reasonable. At such a budget, it is quite tough to find a suitable smartphone. In fact, the most important thing is the triple camera phone. So there is a selfie camera.

The front camera is 8MP. The remaining two cameras are located at the back. They are 13MP+2MP. So one smartphone is offering cameras, which is quite a big deal. The battery is the second most important thing. The features and functions depend on the battery. The battery of this model of Vivo has the support of 5000mAh. The other most significant factors are ram and storage. These things are considered before buying a smartphone. The storage of this Vivo smartphone is 64GB. It is an ample space to feed things. There are many companies that do not provide the same space. The ram is the second most important thing. This model has a roam of 3GB. It provides excellent storage and space to the user.

Buy this latest model of Vivo

Things have a lot of value when they see trends as technology keeps evolving. This vivo model has newly arrived. The Vivo y12 was launched in 2019. To be precise, it created a lot of buzzes. As the audience really liked it and appreciated this smartphone. The latest models of phones are always in high demand. Compared to the other phones, it is much more multi-functional. Do not think twice about purchasing this product.