How Can You Prevent System Breaches of Your Security System?

If you are interested to avoid any breach in your home security system, then you must get acquainted with various vulnerabilities of your existing system and also need to take necessary precautions as well as follow all the recommendations of manufacturer for using them.

What are the weaknesses of any wired security system?

Usually, vulnerabilities of any wired and wireless security systems can be different. Wired systems are generally not exposed to any hackers as all the information will be transmitted within a closed-circuit network.

In case of wired security system, if any wire ever gets cut then it will automatically raise an alarm. Therefore, it is necessary that no wiring system remains exposed.

If your wired system was installed long time back, which was improperly wired or configured or due to changes in your home then your wiring has become vulnerable and you need to take suitable measures.

Therefore, most preferable option can be scrapping the wired system and going for the latest system if you are using outdated wired security system.

Use trusted software – To help reduce potential security breaches, you must invest in software that has security measures in place to keep all users and their information secure. For example, your employee time tracking method should use data encryption to guarantee that employee work records are safe and kept out of the hands of people who may use their personal information for harm.

Wireless system

Security system in such wireless system can be amazing and the smart system available at present-day can monitor on 24/7 basis and all your data can also be accessed remotely.

However, all these wireless systems will rely on radio waves which travels through the air and all such wireless system are vulnerable to hacking. Therefore, your security system can be a target of any tech-savvy intruders.

There are few gadgets that are easily available that can easily send certain signal so that all the wireless system can be jammed. In order to jam the signal, you need not be a software wizard.

Therefore, you can take following actions to secure your wireless network.

  1. Effective encryption

Encryption is a kind of process in wireless network, where coding signals are used so that authorized devices only can read them.

You must ensure that encryption is suitably enabled on the Wi-Fi router, and also on all devices available on the network.

  1. Password protection

You need to make sure that all your wi-fi network system is having proper password protection. Your password must be strong enough that it will be very difficult for anyone to make any wild guess.

  1. Protection of all related devices

All your wireless systems also need various sensors, cameras and many other peripheral devices which will communicate with the main controller. You have to ensure that all these are suitably protected.

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