How to choose a dedicated server?

The days are almost over when people used to grow on the shared servers. Today, people love to rely on a dedicated server. The dedicated server is usually considered as the real stuff because you can explore the market in a better way with it. Although, there are different kinds of servers out there to select from. In this article, you will get to know about the perfect server. Let’s us get into the details of a dedicated server and what exactly it is?

Dedicated server:

When the internet is connected to a single computer or vice verse, it is known as a dedicated server. It simply means that the processing power of the computer is dedicated to a single user only. In layman’s language, the resources of the computer are not shared by any other organisation. On a particular computer, you have your full hold and you can do anything with it.

The dedicated server can be used in two forms i.e.

  • Single website hosting
  • Specific service hosting

Single website hosting is also known as full website hosting. In this type of hosting, all programs/services run on a single or fully dedicated server. Remember, this type of set-up is good for small or medium businesses because all the software will run on single physical equipment. One of the greatest benefits of this the type of set-up is the lesser cost and you can easily operate the system with minimum money in your pocket.

Specific website hosting is something when the single software runs on the single equipment or it means that, when the software works on its own machine. Usually, this type of service is used by the medium or larger businesses that either have more traffic or on the way of having it.

Both the services are directly connected to the bandwidth. Depending on the bandwidth, two different types of packages are available.

  • Metered bandwidth packages are available with the specific amount of bandwidth and if you use beyond it, you have to give some charge for it.
  • 1 Gbps Unmetered dedicated server package is available with a limitless amount of bandwidth. You can use as much as you want to.