Facebook advertising policies and regulations

Everyone with huge followership on facebook wishes that they could be brand influencers.  Brand influencers can become leading advertisers for competitive entities that are already doing well, and want to stay relevant to the consumers. That way, the goal of the advertisement isn’t hard, and anyone can crack it, provided they have the right number of fans and followers. However, you don’t just wake up one day, buy 1000 facebook likes and brands start reaching out to you. Instead, you have to work your way up just like in any other career. Therefore, you have to look at something beyond buying likes and fans.

In the process of becoming a guru, there are some advertising policies and regulations that you must observe, lest none of your adverts makes it even to the second viewer before being flagged down. Well, the policies and regulations including but not limited to the following;

  • Promoting illegal products

Facebook doesn’t allow promoting of illegal products such as marijuana, especially when you come from a region where the herb has been completely banned. Careless promotion of violent weapons such as firearms is also highly prohibited, and at no point should you post a firearm that you don’t have finer registration details about. Once you buy real facebook likes, don’t waste them on posts portraying illegal images, lest everything goes south before even knowing it.

  • False, deceptive and misleading information

Why would you buy facebook likes and use them to spread deceptive and misleading information? Well, deceptive or misleading information is the kind of posts that contain no factual basis, and will often lead to a bad thing, say civil war or ethnic clashes. For instance, if you post something false about your government, you may send people to the streets for no apparent reason, and that will surely mess you up!

  • Directing users to a non-functional landing page

It is funny that some people can actually decide to buy facebook fans, and still lead them to a non-functional landing page. If your business does not have a commerce website, please don’t fabricate something because it will land you into problems. Instead, you can choose to use your page or wall as your temporary “office” before your business affords to run a website.

  • Violation of community standards

Lastly, Facebook is a large community, with over 2.5 billion active users reported every month. Just like any other multinational organization will do, Facebook has also put in place community standards that have to be met by any active Facebook user, be it a celebrity or peasant. For instance, if you want your advertising business to have smooth sailing until you become a big shark, you must make sure that all posts do not make other users feel threatened, undignified, or attacked. Remember, you must observe these rules even if you decide to buy real facebook fans or likes.

Today we have learned about the rule and policies that surround advertisement and general posting of content on your facebook wall or page. Please, don’t let the bough likes and fans go into waste when you can simply adhere to the stipulated policies and do a genuine business out of it.